Aust Ferry, Aust Cliffs & the old Severn Bridge, Gloucestershire

Sunday 20th of March 2011
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Passage Way by the old Aust Ferry

Passage Way leading to the old Aust Ferry that closed in the 1960's when the Severn Bridge opened, the old ferry loaded to the left just after the 30mph road signs, go left after the signs and pass the wreck of the old ticket office to get on the concrete causeway.

There were once long queues here for the ferry here, since the 2nd Severn River crossing opened this is a now a quite spot.

I will just note that long sections of the Passage Way road and causeway are completely level with good surfaces to walk on, after the causeway ends at the electricity pylon crossing the River Severn the path moves on to the beach.

Causeway leading to the pylon

Reed beds along the causeway. The causeway was used when the electricity pylon was built, well before the Severn Bridge.

Okay if you noticed the land should be on the right, the photo was taken on the way back.

The first Severn Bridge

The first Severn Bridge from the end of the causeway, with the pylon just out of picture to the left. The single towers of the much smaller Wye Suspension Bridge also visible to the left of the Severn Bridge.

Severn Bridge

Close of the Severn Bridge.

Aust Cliffs

Aust Cliff, a good place to find fossils I have heard. You can just see the start of the Severn Bridge jutting out of the cliff on the left hand side of the photo.
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