Access Help

The following two key shortcuts should work for most viewers of this site. The + symbol is used below to indicate you press the 'Alt' key plus another key such as 0.

Note that on some browsers you also need to release the keys and then press enter.

  • Alt + 0 for the Access Page (this page).
  • Alt + 1 for the Home Page.
  • Alt + 3 for the 2003 Thumbnail Page.
  • Alt + 4 for the 2004 Thumbnail Page.
  • Alt + 5 for the 2005 Thumbnail Page.
  • Alt + 6 for the 2006 Thumbnail Page.
  • Alt + 7 for the 2007 Thumbnail Page.
  • Alt + 8 for the 2008 Thumbnail Page.

    On most photo pages you can also use:

  • Alt + n for the next photo page.
  • Alt + l for the last photo page.
  • Alt + t for the yearly thumbnail page.

On Apple Mac's the 'Ctrl' key should work instead of the 'Alt'.

Function Key 'F11' Full Screen Diplay

It is possible with some key combinations to change the screen to full screen display and 'lose' the heading and footer bars. If this happens, just release all keys and press function key 11 marked as 'F11', its usually on the top row of the keyboard.

This is has a toggle effect press once to change and press again to revert to the current setting.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Access Help