Giant Sequoia's cut down

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3 Giant Cranes

Two giant sequoia's (redwoods) cut down at Bristol Council's direction (Ashton Court Estate's owners) to improve the Mansions view. 3 massive cranes, roads closed, security guards at all entrances, temporary roadways built to ferry vehicles and lumber!

What a waste of money but worse than that a waste of two trees that could have lived for 4,500 years.

Giant Sequoia
This has been done as part of restoring Ashton Court Estate to a 18th Century plan.

If they follow that plan of course the next step will be knocking down the UWE and Ashton Park School, both built on the estate by Bristol Council, since the 1950's.

Reflections from the mansion house
Here is my last photo of the Sequoia's a window reflection taken on the 11th of December 2007.

The top left window panels bright light, is an internal room light, not the sun.

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