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Panorama of the River Severn Valley

Almondsbury Hill view of the River Severn valley, from a small green right beside the A38. It was quite noticeable how the cloud formations were moving up the River Severn valley above the river.

Old Severn Bridge
Close up of the old Severn Bridge with the smaller single tower supports of the Wye Bridge to its left. Walk a little way to the left from the large marker stone where this photo was taken and you can see the new Severn Bridge too, it was in shadow so no photo this time.

Woodland path to St. Mary's Church, Almondsbury
Woodland path leading down to Lower Almondsbury. Keep on the path, cross a minor roadway to a small footpath and you reach the back of the church below.

St. Mary's Church, Almondsbury
St. Mary's Church in Lower Almondsbury.

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  • Map, top 3 photos were taken from beside the A38/Over Lane junction. There is a small parking area on Over Lane close to the junction.
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