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The 2007 Bristol Harbourside Festival ran from Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th of July 2007. Good to excellent weather throughout, which is quite a pleasant change after a mostly very wet June and July. All the following photos are from Saturday the 28th.

Edf Energy Balloon

Saturday morning 6:30am, the EDF Energy balloon just after launch in Ashton Court.


Kaskelot a replica of the 19th C original vessel, with the ArnolFini behind and the Bristol Packet passing.

Jeane Johnston

Jeane Johnson returns, in front of the Lloyds amphitheatre.

Pyronaut, Isambard Brunel & Tangaroa at the Ampitheatre

The Pyronaut passing Tangaroa (right hand side) a 1926 built, 82 feet trawler and Isambard Brunel (left hand side).


The Tecla, can't find any mention of her in the festival program but she was there.

Kids in Millennium Square

Fountains at Millennium Square, a kids favourite.

CCQ I think

CCQ at the Lloyds Amphitheatre Stage.

Portbury Locomotive

Portbury Steam Engine on the Harbourside Railway line.

HMS Express

HMS Express (P163). Naval Petrol Boat 20m officer training craft.

Redcliffe Church

Redcliffe Church, once an emormously wealthy parish church. Largely built with the profits from the docks, photo taken from beside Princess Bridge.

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