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View up towards Clifton from the entrance to Bristol DOcks
Clifton's Windors Terrace (top left) to Cornwallis Crescent (top right). Hotwells below, photo taken from the landing island at the main entrance to Bristol Docks.

January the 1st making a sunny start to 2007 after a good few gloomy days.

Pump House now a pub
The old pump house now a pub. The steam engines it once housed were used to power the (then two) Cumberland Swing Bridges beside it, only the road bridge remains with the rail bridge long gone.

Marstons Sign

Marastone's Pump House pub sign.

Coloured Housed of Clifton Wood

The multi coloured backs of houses in Clifton Wood on the hilltop are visible from most of the dockside. Here viewed from the Waterfront beyond the Pump House.

Slender-billed Gulls on the Hotwell Road waterfront.

Slender-billed Gulls with rather striking red feet on a ferry pick-up point beside Hotwell Road.

Old Lock Cottages.

On my way back on the South side of Bristol Docks, the old lock cottages. Probably the site of a pre-Brunel dock.

Sea Cadets T.S. Adventure.

Just along from the old lock cottages, the Sea Cadets T.S. Adventure (Training Ship).

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