Sailing in Bristol Docks.

28th of January 2006   Bristol jpg home
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I think the chill wind, despite the sunny day must have put off any other sailing dinghies. Topaz was the only one visibile right up to Bristol Marina and beyond.

Quite an impressive change of tack (to my unskilled eyes), as it came in fast and there was not much water between the boat and me when it came about. The Topaz looks a very lightweight and fast dinghy.
Its next occupant was less skillful (or unlucky) and ended up in the water, brghh! I didn't have the heart to take any photo's of the poor guy after he went in, isn't falling into Bristol Docks in January enough!

The photos were taken just after midday on Saturday the 28th January 2006 about 1:30pm, from the dockside near the Cottage Inn.

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