Nyland Hill, Somerset

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76 meter high Nyland Hill
Nyland Hill is an isolated (steep) hill just to the south of the Mendips near Cheddar. Just 76m (250 feet) tall it stands out on the wet and low lying moors.

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor from the base of Nyland Hill.

Draycott from the top of Nyland Hill
Draycott on the south edge of the Mendips from the top of Nyland Hill.

Sweetmmead and Hixham Rhynes
Sweetmead rhyne (bottom) joining the Hixham Rhyne with Draycott Moor centre left photo taken from the top of Nyland Hill.

Cheddar Reservoir
Cheddar Reservoir looking west along the Mendips south face from the top of Nyland Hill.

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