Bristol Photos from 2006

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Bristol Docks Reflections

1 Photo 210Kb. Taken in the early evening of the 19th of December 2006.

Reflections in Bristol Docks
Reflections in Bristol Docks of the Cottage Inns evening lights.

Severn and Wye Bridges

3 Photos 470Kb. Taken in the afternoon of the 1st of November 2006.

New Severn Bridge and Wye BridgeOld and New Bridges
Clifton Suspension Bridge and Observatory

Severn Suspension Bridges and the Wye Bridge form Battery Point in Portishead, Somerset.

Clifton Bridge and Observatory

4 Photos 600Kb. Taken late afternoon on the 26th and 24th of October 2006 with the squirrel from dusk on the 12th February 2006.

Bridge, Observatory and Gorge at low tideClifton Tower and Observatory
Clifton Suspension Bridge and Observatory
Squirrel on the roof top at dusk

Clifton Suspension Bridge and Clifton Observatory from Greville Smyth Park near the outlet of Ashton Brook. Also two roof top views from Ashton in South Bristol.

Portishead Marine Lake

4 Photos 670Kb, taken about 2pm on 23rd September 2006.

Sailing on Portishead LakePortishead Lake Regatta
Portishead Marine LakeThe two Severn Bridge and Battery Point

Portishead Marine Lake in North Somerset. A few shots from the Marine Lake Regatta, quite a surprise to see sails on the little lake.

Nyland Hill

5 Photos 0.7Mb, taken just after midday on 10th September 2006.

Nyland HillGlastonbury Tor
Draycott VillageDrainage Rynes
Cheddar Reservoir

Nyland Hill in Somerset near Cheddar. A 250 feet high isolated hill close to the southern edge of the Mendips.

Kite Festival

8 Photos 0.6Mb, taken just after midday on 3rd September 2006.

Team of 5 each with a 4 String Kite4 String Kites
4 String KitesSpirit Kites
Black Spirit KitePinocchio
Rotating KiteBristol Skyline

2nd day of the Bristol Kite Festival.

Balloon Fiesta.

8 Photos 1.1Mb - 10-11th August 2006.

Gusts at the Balloon Fiesta
Tesco Balloon

From the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, the 1st days special shapes tether in Ashton Court was rather gusty.

A few minutes of Sun light up the 6am launchSilhouettes
Park Furnishers and the Roman Baths balloons, two local supporters of the event.Roman Baths

Friday the 11th, 6am launch.

Harbourside Festival.

Kathleen & May, Jeanie Johnston and Matthew at the Harbourside Festival.

3 Photos 607Kb - 30th July 2006

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol.

Views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge from the Leigh Woods (North Somerset) side and views down to the Portway from the Clifton side.

4 Photos 1.1Mb - 3rd June 2006

Sailing in Bristol Docks.

Topaz sailing dinghy tacking in Bristol Docks.

5 Photos 1.1Mb - 28th January 2006

2006 Summary

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