Suspension Bridge and Clifton Observatory

24th and 26th of October 2006
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Low Tide
The Avon Gorge from Greville Smyth Park, taken from beside the Ashton Brook outlet. This is controlled to stop high tides flooding back up the brook.

The black cormorant in the foreground is on the edge of what was the slipway of Rownham Ferry.

The Clifton Tower of the Suspension Bridge with Clifton Observatory behind and above.
Suspension Bridge (Clifton Tower) and the Observatory behind, again from Greville Smyth Park.

An Ashton rooftop view of the Bridge and Observatory again.
A roof top view from Ashton of the Clifton Tower and Obervatory.

Grey Squirrel close to dusk.
A grey Squirrel near dusk, pretty poor quality I'm afraid as I don't use a flash. The house is not overhung by trees and I have seen (what I quess is) the same squirrel climbing its pebble dashed walls!

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