26th of June 2005.

Samuel Plimsoll.

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Bust of Samuel Plimsoll on the Avon river side in Hotwells, Bristol. Set beside the entrance to Bristol Docks. Shown in the second photo in front of the Avon Bridge.

Samuel Plimsoll was born in Bristol and became a Derby MP. He campaigned to protect seamen who at the time could be fined and sent to prison if they refused to sale in unsafe (overloaded) ships.

The circle with the line through its centre, represent the Plimsoll line. Still used to indicate a maximum safe loading level for a ship.

There are two other reminders of Samuel Plimsoll in Bristol Docks. The Samuel Plimsoll Bridge, an impressive swing bridge across the entrance to the Docks. The open swing bridge is shown below, taken from Cumberland Basin.

A working ship too, the Samuel Plimsoll that helps clean mud out of the docks. Normally docked on Hotwell Road.

External Links:

  • More information on Samuel Plimsoll.
  • You can see the Samuel Plimsolls early morning 'crew of cormorants' in this walk round the western Bristol Docks.
  • Note that the small wrought iron swing bridge below the Samuel Plimsoll bridge is part of the original lock designed by Brunel. Farvis: Bristol Harbour page shows some photo's here when it was painted white, with other dockyard photo's.

Samuel Plimsoll Swing Bridge

The above photo of the Samuel Plimsoll Bridge was taken on the 8th of May 2005.

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