2nd of October 2005.

Bristol ½ Marathon 2005.

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Marathon Photos from Hotwells.

Photos from the dockside, Hotwell Rd.

With over 12,000 running it was the biggest marathon in Bristol yet. Its fun to watch and a chance to walk down the Avon Gorge with the Portway closed to vehicles for the event, without the normal noise and fumes.

The disabled race leader after about 10 minutes, I think he is Ritchie Powell the event winner.
About 10 minutes after the start, the start of the main group. 284 Liz Yelling (finished 2nd) and err is that George Bush!?

Marathon Photos from the Portway.

Below photos from the Portway at its junction with Bridge Valley Road:
Wilfred Taragon above (No 111) going strong after 38 minutes, he was the mens event winner.

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