Bristol Photos from 2005

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Battery Point, Portishead

Battery Point, Portishead with a view of the two Severn Bridges upstream.

800x600 2 images 160K, 28th November 2005

Portishead Marina

Portishead Marina and lighthouse, with two views of the Severn Bridges upstream.

4 images 189K, 28th November 2005

Bristol ½ Marathon

Bristol Marathon Photos from Hotwells and Bridge Valley Rd.

600x450 5 Images 282K, 2nd October 2005

Greville Smyth

Greville Smyth and his view in Ashton Court, Bristol.

800x800 & 800x600 2 Images 236K, 17th September 2005

Balloon Hopper

Microlight Balloon Hopping at Ashton Court, Bristol.

800x600 3 Images 187K, 21st August 2005

Balloon Fiesta

Annual Balloon Fiesta at Ashton Court, Bristol.

800x600 4 Images 228K, 11th-14th August 2005

Samuel Plimsoll

Samuel Plimsol the sailor's friend, born in Bristol. MP who helped stop overloaded ships sailing by use of the 'Plimsoll Line'.

3 Images 267K, 26th June 2005

Mallard Duck

Rather big for such a little pond but the Mallard seemed to enjoy herself.

800x600 2 Images 223K, 13th June 2005

Power Boat Racing in Bristol Docks

National Youth Championship Power Boat Racing in the Bristol Docks.

800x600 3 Images 148K, 22nd May 2005

Statues in Millennium Square

Statue of the Tragic Poet - Thomas Chatterton, Cary Grant the Actor and William Tyndale translating the Bible.

800x600 3 Images 300K, 8th May 2005

2005 Summary

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