15th of May 2004.

1997 Replica of the 1497 Matthew

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Replica of John Cabot's ship the Matthew that crossed the Atlantic in 1497. Arriving on the 23rd June 1497 at Cape Bonavista in what is now Newfoundland, Canada. The original was named after his wife Mattea and was probably lost in John Cabot's 2nd crossing attempt in 1498*.

The replica was built in Bristol Docks. It crossed the Atlantic in 1997 to join in the 500th anniversary celebration of the 1497 crossing and the Founding of Newfoundland, Canada's oldest province.

The funnel and taller mast behind belong to the SS Great Britain.

* October 2004 update: This Customs Account from 1503/4 from Bristol Universities history department is a strong indication that the Matthew(e) survived John Cabot but as to its ultimate end I don't know.

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