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Photos of Bristol and a few of Somerset and Gloucestershire. 2006 and later photos are usually 1000x750 pixels, 2005 and earlier are usually 800x600 pixels.

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Aust Ferry and Aust Cliffs

Somewhat of gap, since my last photos
Sunday 20th March 2011, 5 photos about ¾ Mb in total.

MV Balmoral

4 Photos 641b, Sunday the 21st of September 2008.

Balmoral and the tug Bristolian

MV Balmoral leaving Bristol Docks on route to Penarth.

Kite Festival

4 Photos 325Kb, Saturday the 30th of August 2008.

Gecko KitePanda Kite
Ashton Court Mansion

Bristol Kite Festival, Saturday the 30th of August 2008.

Balloon Fiesta

5 Photos 474Kb, Friday 8th and Sunday the 10th of August 2008.

Royal Artillery Motorbike jump teamThe Red Arrows

Not very good weather for weekend launches at the 2008 Balloon Fiesta.

Walcombe Slade and the Avon Gorge

7 Photos 1,264Kb, Wednesday 5th of March and Wednesday 9th of April 2008.

View from the Sea Walls cliffWalcombe Slade
Walcombe SladeRailway Air Vent
Walcome Slade from the Portway cliffBlack Rocks
View of the Sea Walls cliff

The Gully in Walcombe Slade is a steep footpath running up to Clifton Down
from the Portway. Slade meaning dell or valley.

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Clifton Bridge in Autumn 2004
Clifton Suspension Bridge

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